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 Welcome to Fort Leavenworth Cub Scout Pack 1!

Pack 3001 is one of the largest Packs in the greater Kansas City area, and it is the oldest Pack in Kansas. Our pack is largely composed of the children of active duty military personnel, civilians and retirees from the Leavenworth/Lansing area. Please feel free to contact any of the Pack leadership listed under the POC page in our flyer to find more information about how your child can join Cub Scouts, or what you can do to support this great organization.

Q: Why do you have Tribes as a sub-organization to a Pack?
A: We have enough kids that we could exist as two to three separate Packs. Well, due to the presence of the United States Army Command and General Staff College; Fort Leavenworth Cub Scouts Pack 3001 has an extremely high annual turnover rate. Annually there are over 500 families that move here, stay one year, and then move away again. This would wreak havoc on three separate Packs. Because of that there are a number of permanent party Active Duty Soldiers, Spouses, and Civilians who have taken on the leadership of the Pack. This elevates the issues of trying to get the senior Pack leadership fully trained and ready for rechartering at the end of the year, and improves continuity and the long term health of the Pack.

Attached is the Pack Flyer for 2017 - 2018.  There's more information about the Pack and the Program on this document as well as contact information for Pack leadership.  Find us on Facebook at Cub Scouts Pack 1, Ft Leavenworth KS
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